Edible Forest

ArBio is proposing sustainable alternatives from an environmental point of view that may generate revenues for the local community. Our flagship initiative is known as analog forestry, or edible forestry, which aims at cultivating indigenous crops in harmony with the forest ecosystem.


ArBio Base Camp

The base camp is the permanent monitoring station that protects the concessions ArBio and Faramazonia for a total of 1600 , on the Río Las Piedras .


LCA – Environmental cicle impact assessment

ArBio, in partnerhip with Demetra Onlus, is developing methods to reduce and compensate the environmental impacts of products and services based on the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology, which will allow companies to improve their ecological footprint.


Protect now
the Amazon Forest

You can contribute to the protection of the Amazon forest and to the development of the ArBio project, by directly safeguarding an hectare or corner of forest or by contributing to our campaigns.

Protect an hectare or corner

Support a sustainable development model

Change current patterns of development in the Amazon region into a model of sustainable development .

Preserve the structure and functions of the forest ecosystems

Focusing on solutions economically viable and sustainable for the Brazilian nut’s gatherers of the region.

Stop deforestation

In the surroundings of the Inter-Oceanic highway of the Madre de Dios region.

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