Tatiana Espinosa granted the “Lima Award 2022” for her great work in the protection of the amazon rainforest

Lima, March of 2022.- With the goal of acknowledging the women fighting everyday for a common good be it through science, health, environmental management, art, culture, or sports; the mayor of Lima, Jorge Muñoz, granted the Lima Award to 13 outstanding women. Tatiana Espinosa among them, founder of ARBIO Perú, thanks to her great work in the conservation of nearly a thousand hectares of primary forest in Madre de Dios.


Tatiana Espinosa, along with a team of women, lead the study and defense of the Amazon rainforest in ARBIO Perú.

“This acknowledgement is important, because it makes the work we do in the Amazon seen. Many times in Lima, we live with our backs to what happens in the Peruvian jungle; and what we need is a commitment to stop the destruction of the ecosystems that sustain our life”, added Tatiana.

This distinction took place in the Room of Mirrors of the Municipal Palace, in the context of the commemorative activities for International Women’s day.

With this action, the metropolitan comune reaffirms its commitment to promote the empowerment of the female citizens and offer services like prevention, attention, and intervention in cases of gender violence.

About ARBIO Perú

It’s an organization that conserves nearly a thousand hectares of primary forest in the Las Piedras river basin, Tambopata, Madre de Dios. By going to www.arbioperu.org and following some simple steps, you can become a defender of the forest. For every sponsorship you’ll receive a personalized digital certificate via email, along with a postcard for you to share in your social media.

Respecting women is respecting mother nature, the essence of life.

a Arbio

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