Rainforest Defenders


We manage and protect 916 hectares of forest (9.16 km2) in the  Las Piedras river basin,  province of Tambopata, Madre de Dios. This area was granted in concession for 40 years (renewable) by the Peruvian state in 2006.

Since the construction of the Interoceanica Highway (2011) these areas of primary forest or virgin forest are being threatened by illegal logging, agriculture (monocultures), and other activities that lead to deforestation and loss of the forest. Our permanent presence with forest rangers protects the area and promotes the spread of information about the importance of conserving the forest in  the neighboring communities.

We built our biological station with materials from the forest (cabins for bedrooms, a dining room, a kitchen, bathrooms, and a watchtower). We have operational equipment and a boat to sail on the river, a well, a pump for underground water, biodigester, a generator, and a radio for communications. Here, there is no Internet service, telephone signal, street light nor electricity. You are connected to the forest!

We have 16 km of trails and circuits which follow interesting routes. Along these routes you can find centuries old trees protected by us, viewpoints, and collpas (clay licks), and places where mammals feed. We protect large Amazonian trees which are calculated to be between 100 and 1000 years old. They  have been identified,  geo-referenced, and systematized in a data base so  the forest can be monitored. Our intention is to  take care of them due to their incalculable contribution to the ecosystem, not only because of the  tons of carbon which they have accumulated, but also for providing a nesting  place for several species of birds, a home for thousands of insects, refuge, and food source for  mammals and other wild animals. They fulfill a fundamental roll in the water cycle as they each draw around a thousand liters daily from the subsoil to the atmosphere, promoting cloud formation by evapotranspiration. We have a deep respect for the large old trees as they:

You can be a defender of the Forest!

ARBIO Peru was created to protect these 916 hectares. In 2012 we created an online System of Protection of Hectares  to support these activities financially. This allows anyone to be a Defender of the Forest by protecting a hectare annually for US$55. The system allows you to select a lot on the map to protect, a certificate is generated in the name of the client and if it is a gift, the system allows you to enter the name and e-mail of the person who will receive a certificate in their name.


Since 2018 we have also been working on a System of Protection of Large Amazonian Trees because they are threatened by illegal logging in the river basin. Due to the Forest Inventory carried out from 2016 to 2017 identification and information was obtained on 300 trees belonging to species at risk of  illegal logging. Thus   a platform was designed so that these large trees can be protected by anyone in the world.


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