Collaboration for the conservation of the Amazon rainforest

Patrolling the forests in Las Piedras river basin

Since 2022, ARBIO Peru and Jungle Keepers (*) have joined forces to protect Las Piedras river basin in the Amazon rainforest of Madre de Dios. Thanks to collaborators dedicated to forest conservation, both organizations have managed to coordinate joint patrols and shared training to maximize their impact in the protection of this important area and, in this way, achieve key collaboration for the conservation of the Amazon rainforest.


Paul Rosolie (Jungle Keepers) and Tatiana Espinosa (ARBIO Perú) in las Piedras river basin, Madre de Dios. Photo: Michael Tweddle

Joint patrols to protect wildlife in Madre de Dios

Jungle Keepers collaborated with ARBIO in 6 visits to the station in 2022, adding a total of 14 additional park rangers during 20 exchange days. During this time, the park rangers carried out joint patrols that covered 120 km of roads traveled, sharing knowledge and learning on topics such as the conservation of forest concessions, surveillance tools, and recognition of wildlife.

This year, 2023, the activity has restarted with the visit of Raul and Ignacio, Jungle Keepers park rangers, who were received by the ARBIO team led by Antonio Flores. During their stay, they carried out patrols along Trocha Quebrada and Trocha Ojé. Likewise, these park rangers patrolled the border limits of the concession, areas most threatened by the presence of roads and prone to invasions, illegal logging, and poaching.

Grupo de guardaparques patrullando el bosque en la cuenca del río Las Piedras

Raúl, Ignacio, Carlos, Jeffrey y Mario. Jungle Keepers and ARBIO park rangers

Raul and Ignacio were trained in basic first aid techniques such as the practical application of injectable and Heinlich technique to free the respiratory tract by ingesting some food in the event of suffocation or choking.

Collaboration for the conservation of the Amazon rainforest

Collaboration is key for defending the forest and protecting the planet. The union of resources, skills and knowledge allows to address complex challenges and find more effective solutions. ARBIO and Jungle Keepers are an example of how collaboration can maximize the impact on protecting the Amazon rainforest and guarantee its health and balance. Thank you, Jungle Keepers, for your important work in the conservation of the forest!

(*)  Jungle Keepers is a Peruvian organization promoted by Paul Rosolie, American conservationist and author of the book “Mother of God” (2014). This organization protects forest areas in concessions of the Las Piedras river basin.


Written by Rocio Espinosa
Translated by Selene Sanchez García

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