Five key reasons to preserve the Amazon

The Amazon forest is a priceless treasure that requires our utmost attention and protection. We will explore five key reasons to preserve the Amazon in this article; from its fundamental role in the water cycle to its vast wealth of biodiversity and medicinal potential. The Amazon forest provides us with numerous benefits that we cannot ignore.

1- Supply of water to the South American coast and highlands: “The Flying River”

There is an amazing phenomenon in the heart of the Amazon forest: the big trees act like real water pumps. Through their roots, they suck water from the subsoil and transport it upwards, releasing it in the form of clouds through evapotranspiration. These clouds become a “The Flying River” that carries an even larger volume of water than the Amazon River itself. Upon reaching the mountains, these clouds feed the peaks and the rivers that flow towards the South American coast and highlands. The Amazon forest is the guardian of the water cycle, ensuring the vital supply for millions of people.

2- Great air conditioner of our planet

The Amazon forest plays a fundamental role in regulating the global climate. Thanks to its immensity and the continuity of the water cycle that it promotes, the humid atmospheric currents generated by this ecosystem cool the entire South American continent. The Amazon forest becomes the great natural air conditioner in a world affected by global warming, counteracting the effects of climate change and providing invaluable relief to the region.


Cinco motivos para preservar la Amazonía Rio

3- Populations that depend on the forest

The communities that have made the Amazon forest their home depend on it for their livelihood. The flora and fauna of this region provide them with food, medicine and materials for their daily needs. However, deforestation endangers their lifestyle and culture, especially the PIACI populations, who live in isolation or initial contact, are the most affected by the loss of their habitat and livelihoods. For this reason, protecting the Amazon forest is protecting these communities and their way of life.


4- Home to thousands of species: A treasure of biodiversity

The Amazon is home to unparalleled biodiversity on our planet. It is home to thousands of species of animals and plants, many of which are unique and found nowhere else. However, deforestation has led to the irreversible loss of many of these species. Every time a piece of the Amazon rainforest disappears, a part of our natural heritage becomes extinct. Thus, protecting the Amazon forest is protecting biological diversity and preserving an invaluable legacy for future generations.


Cinco motivos para preservar la Amazonía Fauna


5- Source of medicines

Discovering healing in nature. The Amazon rainforest is a veritable treasure of chemical and biochemical principles, which are the basis for a variety of drugs and treatments used in modern medicine. Many of the plants and organisms that inhabit this ecosystem have been shown to possess healing properties and therapeutic potential. The destruction of the Amazon forest implies the loss of possible solutions to diseases and the closing of doors to future medical advances. Hence, preserving this ecosystem is vital for research and development of medicine.

In conclusion, the Amazon is a natural treasure of incalculable value. These five key reasons to preserve the Amazon show us its vital importance in the ecological balance, the conservation of biodiversity and the human well-being. It is our responsibility to protect it for present and future generations. Together, we can ensure a sustainable and balanced future for the Amazon and the whole planet. Let’s take action now!

Written by Rocio Espinosa
Translated by Selene Sanchez García

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