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Annual Report 2022


Environmental Organization


We are a non-profit Peruvian association founded in 2010 in Madre de Dios.
We manage and take care of 916 hectares of Amazon rainforest (2264 acres) in the Las Piedras River basin, Madre de Dios. The organization is led by women and its purpose is to implement forest conservation actions involving civil society and the private sector.

Photo: Michael Tweddle

Why protect the ARBIO forest?


Because the area has been declared a Fragile Ecosystem, meaning it has high conservation value due to the richness in species and ecosystemic services it provides.


Our rainforest houses trees of well over a thousand years of age, natural monuments that are the basis of the balance of the ecosystem.


Conservating the living forests and stopping the deforestation and degradation of primary forests is the main action to take against the climate crisis we’re facing (since they provide more than 50% of GHG in Perú)

What have we achieved?

In the rainforest

916 hectares

of Amazon rainforest protected in Madre de Dios, Perú, since 2010

In the rainforest

Biologic station

and operations center with rainforest materials

Tree investigation

550 great trees

from species in danger of illegal logging registered and monitored in the ARBIO forest

Tree investigation

More than 1000 years

Our scientific article (2020) that brings to light the grandparent trees with hundreds of years that support the ecosystem

Animal investigation

345 species

of wild fauna identified and registered. Mammal monitoring with hidden cameras


Online system

of micro-financing since 2010. Everyone can be a part of conservation!


"Jade Goodall Hope and Inspiration Ranger Award"

for the conservation work carried out by Tatiana Espinosa


TEDx Tukuy Speaker

Shared conservation: how to save the thousand-year-old trees? Tatiana Espinosa

ARBIO community

23 countries

More than 1400 people across the world take part in conservation since 2012

ARBIO community


More and more private businesses and new brands join us to protect an area of rainforest

ARBIO community

Leading Women

10 years setting a leading example and inspiring other women.

Our Mission

Forest Defenders

Connect with the Amazon! You can protect a great Amazon tree in danger of illegal logging.

Defensores del Bosque

Investigation of the Amazon ecosystem

We carry out investigation on wild fauna and species of centenary trees to support their conservation

Investigación y Biodiversidad

Analog Forestry

We restore ecosystems, creating benefits like the reduction of plagues and the acquiring of organic products

Forestería Análoga

Conservation Experience

Protect and visit the Amazon rainforest of ARBIO! You too can be a part of the conservation activities

Visita ARBIO


Save a tree

You can be a part of conservation by protecting a great Amazon tree

  • Adopt a centenary tree and give it to someone special
  • Adopt a centenary tree in memory of a loved one
  • Adopt a centenary tree in memory of your beloved pet

What do our Forest Defenders say?

It truly is a beatiful way to help a loved one's soul trascend by symbolizing them in a tree and continuing to protect this planet. Lovely work the one you do.

Carla Sangay

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your work, Tatiana. I think we can help on different fronts and I hope that someday we'll be able to say we turned this situation around!

Diana Stephania Tarrillo Rodriguez

I found them thanks to a spotlight done in Global Footprint Network. As a fellow Peruvian, I'm so proud to see a Peruvian NGO was the one who most caught the attention of activists on a global scale.

Mauricio Rivera Vera

I'm very happy to be able to support the stupendous work they do. The conservation of the Amazon is vital for everyone. I hope their work continues forever!

Raúl García Woo

The trees are our natural lungs. I want to thank ARBIO for their work in protecting them – without you guys it would be already deforested.

Puppe Toth

It's a wonderful thing to feel like a part of this group of human beings who dedicate their lives to protect, safeguard, and spread awarenes about the importance of the protection of our mezmerizing Amazon rainforest.

Jessyca Sarango

ARBIO actualmente está plantando las semillas que permitirán nuestra subsistencia en este mundo. Un equipo A1 de profesionales de enorme visión.

Felipe Acha

I am so thrilled to adopt a tree for the second consecutive year in ARBIO. I love plants, animals, the sea, in general, nature. However, trees have attracted my attention since some years ago…

Maria Julia Clavijo

El mensaje sobre el Shihuahuaco, que se enfatiza en la filosofía de trabajo de ARBIO, es solo una de las múltiples especies en peligro que esta prestigiosa institución se ha fijado en resaltar, defender, educar y salvar, haciendo todos los mayores esfuerzos para la divulgación científica de sus trabajos en campo, destacando en este aspecto Tatiana Espinosa y su gran equipo humano.

Patricio Zucconi, Perú


Protect the rainforest

Your business can be a part of the Amazon rainforest conservation

What do our Allies say?

Logo BioAmayu

In the new Natural Revolution, this collaborative era, we turn for inspiration to the forest and the ancestral wisdom of our communities so that we may be agents of change for conservation. For AJE Group it's great to be able to join ARBIO in protecting the last giant of the Amazon.

BioAmayu, AJE

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Conserving the rainforests of the Amazon and spreading awareness about the importance of preserving them is a vital step in the sustainable development of Perú. The BBVA Foundation joins ARBIO in the conservation effort of priority natural ecosystems to reach towards a greener and more inclusive future.

Fundación BBVA

It's thanks to ARBIO that the private business can support the conservation of our Amazon. The work you do is a valuable example for everyone to follow. Us from BanBif, too, wish a better planet to live in.


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Logo Audi

With this alliance, Audi adds new efforts for the care of the environment and the protection of biodiversity in this area of the Amazon forest.

Alexandra Bonnemaison, Audi Manager, Audi

Logo Focus on Women

At Focus on Women one of our goals is to make all our trips 100% sustainable by offsetting the possible CO2 emissions on the trips we organize. Therefore, it is a real satisfaction for us to be able to support and give visibility to projects like ARBIO, which promote respect for the environment. Our congratulations to ARBIO for their valuable and titanic conservation work!

Focus on Women

Blossom Inspirations thanks ARBIO for allowing us to be part of this women-driven initiative in protecting the Amazon Forest, biodiversity extinction and mitigating the rise of global temperature to 1.5°C for a more sustainable future.

Blossom Inspirations

The moment we knew about the extraordinary project of ARBIO Perú for the conservation of our Amazon, we immediately decided to give them our support. They have our utmost gratitude and congratulations for the great work they do.

3R Contrata Perú SAC

Hotels Ananay aliados de Arbio en la conservación del bosque amazónico

We're proud to be part of so vital an effort for sustainability, where everyone does what they must – to different degrees – but every effort counts... We're allies of something bigger than ourselves that doesn't happen in Perú only. This is a global responsibility fought every day in every place on Earth – and it's thanks to ARBIO that we're part of this effort.

Patricio Zucconi, Ananay Hotels

The story of Tatiana and her team has simply captured me. A team that not only spread awareness of what our Amazon means to us and to the world. A team capable of looking after our millenary trees and our ecosystem, dedicating themselves in body and soul to looking after LIFE.

Ursula Hoffmann, Comunica +A

The work of the ARBIO association allows us to protect the rainforest from furtive activities. We are proud to contribute to this mission and thank the tremendous work they do.

Steve Botts, Santa Barbara Consultants

It's a great satisfaction being able to support the extraordinary day-to-day work done by ARBIO to preserve a fabulous millenary rainforest that brings invaluable ecosystemic services to society. They're a dedicated and laudable initiative that we should all help to keep it going and spread it – there's a lot to protect.

Sociedad Peruana de Hidrocarburos


Adrián Estrada. Shihuahuaco en Rotterdam

The Shihuahuaco in the streets of Rotterdam

The Shihuahuaco, a millenary tree turned floors and benches in the streets of Rotterdam Halfway through 2021, Dutch journalist Adrián Estrada begins an investigation on the true origin of the wood dressing public projects in Rotterdam, such as floors in rooftops in the Erasmus Hospital, three thousand benches spread throughout the city, among others. This […]

Videojuego Defensora Shihua

Defensora Shihua: the videogame that protects the rainforest

In an effort to preserve the Amazon rainforests, the videogame “Defensora Shihua” was launched in commemoration of International day of Forests in the 26th of June. This game has caught the attention of young people, inviting them to join the mission of protecting our Amazon. Developed by a group of students and teachers from the […]

ARBIO y TBWA en Cannes

ARBIO and TBWA celebrate recognition at the “Great Ads for Good” exhibition carried out as part of the Cannes Film Festival.

ARBIO’s awareness campaign on forest conservation in Madre de Dios wins the first award in the environmental category of “Great Ads for Good”   In commemoration of World Tree Day, we are proud to announce that an advertising campaign awarded in the environmental category of the “Great Ads for Good” exhibition, carried out in Cannes, […]

Cinco motivos para preservar la Amazonía Fauna

Five key reasons to preserve the Amazon

The Amazon forest is a priceless treasure that requires our utmost attention and protection. We will explore five key reasons to preserve the Amazon in this article; from its fundamental role in the water cycle to its vast wealth of biodiversity and medicinal potential. The Amazon forest provides us with numerous benefits that we cannot […]

Paul Rosolie (Jungle Keepers) y Tatiana Espinosa (ARBIO Perú) en la cuenca del río las Piedras, Madre de Dios. Foto: Michael Tweddle

Collaboration for the conservation of the Amazon rainforest

Patrolling the forests in Las Piedras river basin Since 2022, ARBIO Peru and Jungle Keepers (*) have joined forces to protect Las Piedras river basin in the Amazon rainforest of Madre de Dios. Thanks to collaborators dedicated to forest conservation, both organizations have managed to coordinate joint patrols and shared training to maximize their impact […]


Tourism and nature conservation

ARBIO was born in 2010 to carry out nature conservation activities in a forest where the threats of deforestation due to the presence of the interoceanic highway that crosses the jungle of the Madre de Dios region are increasing. In this forest there are trees that are hundreds of years old. Some are over a […]

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