Tourism and nature conservation

ARBIO was born in 2010 to carry out nature conservation activities in a forest where the threats of deforestation due to the presence of the interoceanic highway that crosses the jungle of the Madre de Dios region are increasing.

In this forest there are trees that are hundreds of years old. Some are over a thousand years old, and it is precisely these trees that are the largest and oldest, the ones that must be protected because when they are felled, a whole chain of deforestation begins that we must avoid.

Peru is a privileged country due to its great biodiversity.

Its geographical position with the presence of the Andes mountain range and other factors results in a country with many biomes and life zones that generate diversity of species adapted to specific conditions. This is also observed in the great cultural and gastronomic diversity that exists throughout the Peruvian territory.

This diversity has great potential and should represent well-being for the country. Tourism is an excellent tool to value the biological, cultural and gastronomic diversity that our country has.

In the case of the Amazon, the important thing is to preserve it because the balance of the entire planet depends on ecosystems like the Amazon.

As an example of this balance, we can see how the trees in the Amazon pump water from the ground up to the sky, creating huge clouds of moisture known as flying rivers.

This flow of moisture moves up to the Andes mountain range and feeds glaciers and snow-capped mountains that in turn give rise to rivers and valleys along the coast and mountains of South America.


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Thanks to the Amazon we have water for millions of people and industries in South America.

Also, this great flying river works like a global air conditioner that cools this part of the planet’s atmosphere.

With our team of parkrangers, we monitor and protect wildlife, large trees and also study the biodiversity of this wonderful jungle to share it with all of you.

We invite researchers to come and contribute to the knowledge of the forest, because the jungle provides water to the coast and mountains: The Amazon is the heart of the planet!

Thanks to the team for the entry and the video for PromPerú.

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