Peru recognized as the best destination in the world for bird watching

With more than 1800 species within its territory, Peru is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of bird diversity. Therefore, it joined the select list of the winners of Infinite Discovery prizes in 2018. This Chinese travel agency, specializing in nature, recognized Peru as the best destination in the world for bird watching.

Peru birdwatching

Birds in Tambopata, Madre de Dios

The annual list of twelve winners is designed to be a powerful tool that promotes and offers effective information to allow more travelers to explore destinations with a ready supply of nature. The group of judges who chose these winners is made up of experts in trips of world-wide renown, famous photographers from National Geographic magazine, and also experts in wild life protection, as PromPerú indicated.

Birdwatching en el bosque de Arbio

Birdwatching in  Arbio forest

“Although the list is designed to satisfy the needs of Chinese travelers interested in this type of experience, it also lets other travelers understand the infinite enchantment of trips in our natural surroundings, as well as the rich and varied options that we offer”, stated PromPerú.

According to PromPerú’s profile of the bird watcher, the target market involves more than 6 million people who travel abroad to undertake this activity. It is calculated that 2.4 million of them are interested in traveling to Peru.  This type of tourist generally has a high level of spending, between 2.795 and 3.221 dollars, and stays on average from 16 to 18 nights.  34 percent travel on package tours.

a Arbio

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