Happy Mother Earth’s day


In a previous post we talked about the tree’s capacity to stay connected via a net of roots and mycorrhiza (symbiotic associations between fungi and their roots), through which they can transfer nutrients. The fungi grow through gigantic networks called mycelium that transport mineral nutrients from the ground to the roots of the plants; while they get carbon hydrates produced by the plant’s photosynthesis in exchange.

This way, the great trees are capable of trading not only nutrients with other plants from the forest but also valuable information via electric and bio-signals, connecting all the flora in a wide expanse of land.

Scientists have called these great trees “Mother Trees”, because the nurturing and healthy growth of the sprouts and young ones depends on them.

All this information should make us change some of our paradigms.


Humankind has thought they stand at the pinnacle of evolution of all living beings, which has led us to the abuse and exploitation of plants and animals.

Just like in the past when women were considered inferior beings to men, we continue to consider plants and animals as conscienceless living things only because they’re different from us.

Investigations have lately been proving this is not the case. Nature encapsulates a great diversity in forms of life, and we are merely a part of it. We’re not superior because of our capacity to speak, think and communicate – it’s been proven plants also communicate with each other, they feel, and are capable of detecting electric and sensorial stimulus mankind cannot perceive with their five senses.

The same goes for the animal kingdom. Investigations on diverse species ranging from insect colonies to big mammals show there exists an order, an implicit knowledge, and a communication between their members that makes them intelligent living beings.

These days, as we celebrate Mother’s Day, we should also think about our Mother Earth, about all those Mother Trees, and about all that life and nature offers us without asking for anything in return.

Our best gift should be the respect, gratitude, and acknowledgement of what she signifies. Because life may be given to us by our human mom when we are born, but it is also given to us by Mother Earth since without her we simply wouldn’t be alive.


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