Natural Hug was a moment to thank those who joined the protection of the Amazon rainforest this 2022

With the goal of celebrating more people and businesses joining us to protect the rainforest – especially the great millenary trees of the Amazon – we organized the event “Natural Hug” as a representation of the great hug of people united for the conservation of the nature we’re all a part of.

This event took place in the art gallery of painter Fito Espinosa, in Miraflores, and it gathered representatives of the different businesses who joined conservation this year, such as the AJE Group, BanBif, the BBVA Foundation, and the bank BBVA. It even had the participation of congresswoman Susel Paredes, and representatives of ARBIO Perú.

Fito Espinosa, an artist who took inspiration from nature for his exclusive 2023 schedule book, accompanied his sisters Rocío, Tatiana, and Gianella (leaders of ARBIO), commenting that he was able to support this adventure for conservation from its beginnings via the original design of its logo.

Rocío Espinosa, Director of the organization, explained that their work in the rainforest is based on 3 easy-to-remember fundamental pillars known as the three C: Conservation, Ciencia (science), and Conscience.

Alberto Suarez (Grupo AJE), Susel Paredes (Congresista) y Corina Tudela (BanBif)

The Conservation activities correspond to the operative work on the field, with a team of park rangers working 24/7, 365 days a year.

The second C from Ciencia (science) covers the scientific investigation in the rainforest, thanks to which the team has been able to properly investigate the flora and fauna that inhabits it.

Finally, the third C for Conscience concerns the communication aspect of the project, as spreading awareness across the country is crucial for everyone to know what is in the rainforest and how they can protect it.

The importance of taking action to continue protecting and studying this fragile ecosystem with everyone’s support was also stressed.

“Wherever we are, we can do something to protect nature and spread awareness – to come together in a Natural Hug for the future of the Amazon,” added Rocío.

a Arbio

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