Arbio at TechCamp Peru 2018

TechCamp Peru took place in Pucallpa from November 7th – 10th. It brought together 60 representatives from 7 countries in the region along with 14 experts with the goal of reinforcing the use of digital tools to prevent, combat and raise awareness of corruption and transnational organized crime.

TechCamp Peru participants

These South American countries face severe scandals involving corruption, coca production and its derivatives, human trafficking and environmental crimes which demand a regional response.

Representants of  Madre de Dios: Piero Rengifo of  MAAP proyect (ACCA) and Tatiana Espinosa of ARBIO.

The importance of involving civil society actors, social organizations, academia, the private sector, citizenship among others, and incentivizing participation via digital means, is that this space is aimed at promoting collaboration between different parties such as government officials, social activists, and journalists, to face environmental crimes in the region.

Through a participatory methodology with technology promoted by the United States Department of State and experiential 2-day conferences, the participants shared the challenges that they face with support from technical specialists. They were also able to generate ideas to find technological options that could help them face these challenges.

Tatiana Espinosa actively participated in this event, making important connections with people and organizations to start relationships of mutual cooperation and to continue facing the challenges that are currently present in the Amazonian region.

a Arbio

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