11 years of Amazon Rainforest conservation

Celebrating 11 years working in the conservation of the Amazon rainforests

Some years ago, one 23 of September, it was with the goal of studying and protecting an area of rainforest that the initiative of creating an institution was born – an institution to manage and funnel funds for the forest’s conservation. ARBIO Perú is born in 2010, and is led today by Tatiana, Rocío, and Gianella Espinosa. Their objective lies in caring for this area of rainforest in Madre de Dios, located a mere 30 km away from the new interoceanic highway and thus at risk of having its great trees cut down for their prized wood.

Equipo ARBIO. Gianella, Rocío y Tatiana Espinosa en el bosque amazónico.

ARBIO Peru team. Gianella, Rocío and Tatiana Espinosa in the Amazon forest. Photo: Michael Tweddle


These past 11 years, then, we have been studying and conserving an area of rainforest the size of the Miraflores district (916 hectares / 2264 acres), amassing both national and international awards for our efforts.

Among our more important achievements are the studies made about a species known in Perú as the shihuahuaco (Dipteryx sp), a tree whose estimated longevity can extend for up to a thousand years and more.

In the ARBIO rainforest alone, the oldest shihuahuaco tree is believed to be somewhere around 1324 years old.  Along with it, in this rainforest we protect more than 50 other species of trees. They’re currently under constant vigilance to prevent them from being exploited by the illegal logging activities on the constant rise in the Peruvian Amazon.

ARBIO. Rocio Tatiana Gianella Espinosa junto a un árbol de shihuahuaco

Photo: Michael Tweddle


ARBIO Perú is a member of the IRF – the International Ranger Federation. It was thanks to Tatiana’s work and perseverance that she was given the “Jane Goodall Hope and Inspiration Ranger Award” in 2019 by the IRF in Nepal.

Our main focus is the conservation of the Amazon ecosystem, spreading the word to give more value to the standing, live forests. That is to say, that the trees are infinitely more valuable to humanity while alive and standing than they are as wood for us to use.

Because of this and in lieu of celebration, we’re re-launching our renewed online platform. Through it, both people and businesses can take direct action to help conserve the Amazon rainforest via the adoption of trees and hectares from the ARBIO forest, which is constantly monitored by our park rangers.

Since it’s creation, ARBIO has been financing its activities through this innovative system of forest sponsorship. If you want to take part in helping the environment, you can visit our website: https://www.arbioperu.org/adopta-un-arbol/

For every adoption you’ll receive a digital personalized certificate. You’ll also be able to gift the protection of a great Amazon tree to a loved one in special occasions, like the birth of a baby or the passing of a family member.

ARBIO. Certificado de adopcion de arbol amazonico

a Arbio

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