Protect the Rainforest

Your business can be a part of the Amazon rainforest conservation

Park Ranger

1 ha.

Without forest there is no water and without water there is no life

  • Protection of 1 to 3 hectares
  • For young brands, small companies

Park Ranger

4 ha.

The forest keeps the land fertile

  • Protection of 4 hectares.
  • For small or medium companies

Park Ranger

16 ha.

Trees regulate and maintain balance for healthy air


  • Protection of 16 hectares
  • For medium or large companies

Park Ranger

30 ha.

Ancient trees are the axis of life in the Amazon ecosystem

  • Protection of 30 hectares
  • For large companies or corporations
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Why protect the ARBIO forest?


Because the area has been declared a Fragile Ecosystem, meaning it has high conservation value due to the richness in species and ecosystemic services it provides.


Our rainforest houses trees of well over a thousand years of age, natural monuments that are the basis of the balance of the ecosystem.


Conservating the living forests and stopping the deforestation and degradation of primary forests is the main action to take against the climate crisis we’re facing (since they provide more than 50% of GHG in Perú)


Protect the rainforest

Your business can be a part of the Amazon rainforest conservation

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